Clicking down with End send hot key

Hi all,

I want to copy the table kind of data in the website which is in Remote Desktop.So I’m copying the table data and saving into an excel. I’m clicking on top of the table with click down activity and hovering it to fixed element ‘Displaying’ which is at bottom of the table and passing Ctrl+c send hot key to copy the table data and pasting into the excel.
Problem is that in some cases ‘Displaying’ image is at the end of the page.So I need to pass a “end” send hot key activity to go to bottom of the page. But I’m unable to simultaneously use Clickdown activity with “end” send hot key activity.

Buddy to extract this kind of table structured data my kind suggestion is to use data scrapping option from the design tab…as uipath suggests the same…Because its very easy and feasible one to approach
This url will give you more details buddy

Kindly let know whether this works for you…and i am sure this will work withvery less steps than the one we have know


Buddy did that work with scenario


Hi @Palaniyappan
Data scraping will not work in Remote Desktop.

Buddy @Shivaraju


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Buddy @Palaniyappan

But Uipath is installed in local system. We don’t have permission to install Uipath in RDS.

Hey @Shivaraju,
have you tried just “end” key without “click-down” ? Check if this solves the problem i.e. sending only “end” hotkey without “click-down”.

Let me know if it gets you through.


Hi @yogesh.chand,
Yeah “end” hot key is working in RDS, but i need to do it with ‘Click down’ activity. Is there any chance to do it?

Hi @Shivaraju,

You can try “mouse hover” activity (rather than sending hot key) with “click down” activity. Though you need to figure out the “offset Y” under cursor position option by hit and trial method.


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Hey @yogesh.chand,

I had used “click down” activity with “mouse hover” activity. But in some cases the element which i had used for “mouse hover” activity is at the bottom of the page. That’s why i want to use “end” send hot key activity to go to the bottom of the page. But when i’m using “click down” activity along with “end” hot key,“click down” activity is not working.

hi @Shivaraju,
Try doing as shown in (3.0 MB)

Hope this helps

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Thank you @yogesh.chand

Could you attach any workflow to understand it better.