Clicking "buttons" on Internet Explorer with silverlight

Hi all,

I am currently trying to run reports on a web app, which runs in silverlight on IE, and the extension in UiPath, even using the developer silverlight, does/shows nothing? Maybe I’ve done it wrong, but when highlighting elements it still highlights the entire frame, so I’ve been using “Click Image” which is hugely unreliable, and I was hoping people could explain why?

As an example, below are my three variations on clicking the Save button - but it doesn’t always do this - it also struggles to hit run some of the time.


Sometimes it clicks run, sometimes it clicks both, sometimes it clicks neither - without ever changing the code, just repeatedly running the exact same thing via the Robot, just to see what happens. Has anyone had success with Silverlight automation?


Am not good in silver light.
Have you used the accuracy option for image …?
And also before you click try to check whether image exist or not
And also try to check co ordinates X and Y

Thanks for your reply!

Accuracy is set at .8, which is the default, I have tried lowering this, but the issue then is that it clicks on the image too soon, as it is originally greyed out, but looks the same, so will click anyway. When I made more accurate it didn’t click.

I have also built in some image exists/if statements to see if the image is found, and it says it is not, but then even if I have FALSE set for ContinueOnError of next step which is clicking (which if image isn’t there it shouldn’t do) it proceeds, so it’s clearly thinking it’s clicking anyway, but then not, as the “Save” pop up is not appearing?

Coordinates are not set, but I have also tried to move them fractionally around, although clicking in the middle of the image would surely be best anyway?

I have been using Timeouts, DelayAfter/Before and playing with WaitForReady as well - nothing seems to stabilise this - it seems like UiPath has a random number generator and I’m relying on rngesus to help me :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you share sample camp file. Even if you gave if condition false still it is working is not making Sense.