Clicking an Ancestors Children Issue

Hi There All,

Hoping for some help here, I have the below sequence to select a field which is a child of a selection:


This works perfectly for options like below (tick beside options - I want to tick the circle)


However the issue is the one with the ‘x’ beside it, basically an option where there are no links in either of the selections, so I cannot use the ancestors/children with VAR of the name i need as the tick one.

Any thoughts here? there is no ‘aaname’ or ‘innertext’ for the NT option, and nothing in the selector tree relating to it as an option to use.

Any thoughts please share! :))

Are you on modern? This is where you’d use anchors. Basically you’re telling it “click the radio button next to the anchor ‘NT’ or the anchor ‘NSW’”

What is there? You can look at the properties in the left lower pane of Ui Explorer to see additional things you can use in your selector.

Is this a public web page? If so, share the link.

If not, in Ui Explorer click the radio button next to NT and post the resulting selector, and a screenshot of the other properties, here.

Thanks for the response @postwick

Please see the image, I found an anchor which contains the innertext of what I need, however, the idx value at the bottom auto populates - and required ‘1’ for column 1 and ‘2’ for column 2, and still works even if the one it selects isn’t the correct one, so unsure where I go from there…

Are you on modern? Modern solves this with the anchor functionality of selectors.

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Sorry I’m not man…

I was thinking I could find the element with Var, then trying to Get Element to confirm it but having difficulty there too…