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I am a total beginner and am currently programming a bot to fetch data from the Frankfurt stock exchange. (link in case someone needs it: )

So far, I have managed to make the bot type the stock names into the search bar, but now I want the bot to select one of the search predictions.


Ideally, I’d want the bot to look for the closest match, because as you can see, the search predictions of the stock exchange look for the most valueable stock and not the closest match.

Alternatively, it would be enough if you guys can tell me how to click the first prediction and I will just find stocks that are easier to search. :sweat_smile:

Here’s my bot if you want to check how I worked so far:

Thanks in advance!


The list will appear below when you type the text right?

So you can try this

  • Use Find Text position and indicate the below list create a variable
  • Pass the Variable in the Element property of Click activity.


Hello @AL1,

I have seen that when you type the compnay and click on them, the url change to: + “Company Name”

Maybe if you have a list of companies you can read range. After that:

For each row in datatable:

Assign Activity: Var_CompanyName = row(“Column Name”).Tostring

Open Browser Activity: “” + Var_CompanyName

Warn: I have seen that opening company Daimler AG in url converts to daimler-ag

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Angel_Llull !

I actually had the same idea to use variables instead of a search since making my post, but I didn’t know how to do it, so thanks for telling me how!

Just a quick question: Do I need to define the variable somewhere, or does it work to put row(“Column”).Tostring in a Go-To-URL-activity?

Thanks for the reply!

Inside the for each row activity, you need to use assign activity:

Var_CompanyName = row(“Column Name”).Tostring

Then, also inside the for each row activity, use open browser and write the url:” + Var_CompanyName


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