Clicking a next button scenario in project

Hai eveyone,

here i am facing the issue in my project with last step the issue is whenever first I click

I want to click the upload quatation it will be clicking fine and after I click the upload quatation and drop a file and click next button

And go to the inbox, clicking next button also working fine after I click inbox button

It will be come to the main page here is the issue,
If I click next button the data is gone it means after I drop a file in upload quatation and click next button that upload quatation I’d is moved to test environment.

After I click inbox button they skip one upload quatation file and clicking the next upload quatation and go inside drop a file and click next button and click inbox again they skip one file and do another upload quatation.

So I want to click one by one upload quatation and do the part correctly.
here i upload my zip (67.0 KB)

in that zip file last one (saving process on bizagi) part is there next button now i comment out that if comment out that it will take the correct data no skip option is come and i click next button only the skip is come.

please update this part for me,

Thank you!

@siva_sankar what is the issue ?? not able to see it. can you share the screen shot for the same.

I send it can you check that one

Hai can anyone clear this issue for me