Click사용에 대해서

안녕하세요 제가 버튼을 Click으로 누르게 하는것을 만들었는데
버튼의 셀렉터도 잡히고 Click도 합니다. 그런데 가끔식 클릭을 하지만 버튼이 안눌리는 경우들이 있는데 이럴때는 어떻게 해야 할까요?

Hi @_ICB_Ian

You can try

  1. Switch on Simulate Click in Click activity Properties.
  2. Switch on Send Window Message in Click activity Properties.
  3. Try a different Click Activity
  4. Add a delay activity before the activity.

Kah Liang

다 시도해 본 방법들입니다… ㅜ

@_ICB_Ian Hope those work out for you reliably.

Sometimes it just happens due to browser/application responding a little bit slower, delay should take care of that.

For your information, you can try send hot keys if it is applicable. It is more reliable.

Kah Liang

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