Click with SetWindowMessage is changed in 2018.4 version compare with the 2016.2 version

I’m not sure this is a bug, but this change is definitely a bug in my process.

My process is to click on each file or folder in the list in the Explorer Window one by one like bellow.

I use the Click Activity and set the Input Method to SetWindowMessage.
The process can run perfectly in the background in the 2016.2 version.
And it doesn’t matter if my mouse swipes around the list in the Explorer Window.
At least, the SetWindowMessage of 2016.2 version is perfect for my process.

I ran the same process in 2018.4 version.(Enterprise Edition)
I found a change in the SetWindowMessage.
Although the process can still run perfectly in the background,
swiping my mouse across the list in the Explorer Window would get an extra effect.
Specifically, a drag or range selection event is triggered.
In some applications even is triggered copy or move events,
that foreground testing would be failed.

I think the problem has potential influence for every user.
I want to know what changes the UiPath team made in the upgrade that caused this problem,
And why did that.
However as a user, I want to know is it possible for me to bypass this problem?
That said, the SetWindowMessage of 2016.2 version is still can be used in the v2018.4 version.

Hi @wusiyangjia

Can you update to 2019 beta version and try to do
@loginerror can you help out from this issue