Click with Ctrl Modifier

I have an issue with Click activity with Ctrl modifier. When I use click without Ctrl a selector is valid and its works. But when I use it with Ctrl modifier I get an error “The UIElement is no longer valid”. What is that?
I’m trying to perform this actions in web application which opened in IE.


Is it happening for a specific web application or all of them?

Are you trying to open the link in a new tab? If so, when you try to do that manually are you able to do so? Some websites disable that feature, probably that is the reason (not sure).

Its happening in specific app.
When I try to do it manually it works. Yes I want to open link in new tab.

What kind of app? environment? manually when you are using with ctrl+click working? then please check with your selector and debug it without modifier and with modifier.


Its Oracle BI web application. The selectors with ctrl and without it are same.
With Ctrl click is performing but not in new tab. Page open in current tab and after that I get an error message.

Strange thing…I made a delay 2s before clicking. And click performed with Ctrl and page was opened in new tab, but I also get a error message “The UIElement is no longer valid”. Any Ideas?

yes pass delay or use with simulate… because might be the loading issues.

I have a solution. I thought that it not important but link is in a drop-down list. When I click on link the drop-down list closing and link’s selector really becomes invalid. But I don’t know why UIPath check the link’s selector after click on that?

In click activity I set “True” in ContinueOnError parameter and it works perfectly.

if you will use simulate click with that and make your select dynamic with aaname property then it will click on that item in select box in the background.

Have you done with Uipath academy-2


I change an idx tag in loop for open each link. I tried to use simulate click but it was no result.

No I haven’t. Next year I’ll start from Academy-2 :slight_smile: