Click with condition on all elements

i need to click on all the shoes pictures that only have (45% off)

can anyone help me please

You can use datascrapping and get ShoeURL, Discount. once that is done, you can use loop to check if discount is 45% and if true use Navigate URL to navigate to the SHOE URL of the same row. (Navigate URL activity has to be included in attach browser or open browser)


thank you for the reply,
but what if the shoes pictures are a clickable JavaScript, not a normal URL. how i deal with that?

In that case you would need to probably build a logic around it.
Use Find children
Get all discounts
If discount = 45%
Click corresponding image using click

Hope you understand it.

did we try with ANCHOR BASE activity
–like first scrap all the data with DATA SCRAPPING and get the output with a variable of type datatable named ExtractDatatable
–now use a FOR EACH ROW and pass the above variable as input
–use FIND TEXT POSITION and pass the input as row(“pricecolumn”).ToString and get the output with a variable of uielement
–inside the loop use ANCHOR BASE activity and in that left side use FIND ELEMENT activity and pass the above uielement as input to ELEMENT Property in the property panel of FIND ELEMENT and in the right side use CLICK activity
–make sure that click activity is set with dynamic selector with shoe name while clicking

hope this would help you
Cheers @Morobull

Thank you @Palaniyappan @Rocki_Jan for replying
i am new to UIPath, can you please explain this to me as simple as possible?