Click the excate Report in my web page

Hi @team

In My web-page i am selecting my broker id in drop-down and it shows the report of current month reports a lot and last month report and goes on…

But i want to get the Latest report display in my web page

please see the below screenshot to more clear on this :

Like this my list of reports will be in that i need to select the latest one like now available 08-24-2018 then month end available as 08-31-2018 at the time i need to get that reports how to handled this ?

selectors level i find the issues here :
At present my selector will be like this :
through that id ‘2’ it takes as click and getting the report but it fails why because any one day or rest of the day 3 reports also available at the time i need the report with the name of “override statements” only it available in 3 position but it click the 2 position and we are getting the wrong report !!!

Again i have used the UI Explorer in that also few issues i think the parent id also referring the date field so each time we cannot able to go and change the selectors what is the solution for this ?

see the UI Explorer selector available below screenshot :


can any one suggest an idea ?