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Dear all,
I need to know is there anyway to be able to let the robot find a text in a windows app screen that the robot is seeing as image and click a box beside it adding that the box is image too??
Let’s imagine the below image, the robot is seeing it as an image, the text that I wanna select is dynamic, for now lets say I have to find option1 and click the checkbox beside it. how can I do that.
I tried click OCR Text and find ocr image then click using anchor base but nothing worked.

Check activity is used for selecting the check box.
However according to your scenario if the text and check box are images then how could the check box be selected?

The robot cant see the screen as elements and selectors, it’s seeing it as image, however it is not an image.

Hi @Dina.abdelhakam

You can check this one link

You can find the step for how to check the checkbox options by modifying selector with attribute value

Please check the below link

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Hi Nived, Thanks for your time.
I think you didn’t get my point. The form you provided UiPath can see it as form in addition that the robot can recognize that this is a check box and its clickable, So there is no issue in this scenario.
In my case I’m using an application that UiPath robot cant recognize those as elements neither the checkboxes as a check box when I launch UiExplorer it shows that the whole options in addition to their checkboxes are one element like it is an image.

I will try to visualize the difference

see In your case UiPath can recognize this check box and can click it independently from the whole window
But in my case its not a web app its a desktop app, UiPath couldn’t recognize it and its seeing the window as one element like the image below "I’m not able to share my app’s data in public that’s why I used your form also "with a generic selector, the check boxes and their corresponding text I have to deal with them as image

Hi @Dina.abdelhakam

Is your application is java based?


Did u use java extension ?