Click text?

I want Click text that contains start with text 3G_NoUsage_FMC and Column Preassign Date = today


Please guide me about it.

Hi @Maria99

Use click Text or Click Activity!

Choose the attribute aaname or inner text that contains the text value!


For creating the dynamic text we can do:

"3G_NoUsage_FMC " & Now.ToString(“ddMMyyyy”)

If​ I​ want​ to​ click​ row​ that​ column​ Preassign Date​ = today​ and​ column​ Criteria Desciption start​ with​ 3G_NoUsage_FMC

Remark​: If​ I​ choose​ indicate​, it can’t indicate text -​–> It​ can​ indicate​ all​ screen.

Please guide me​ about​ it.

Hi @Maria99

Use Click Image Instead and Drag the Position You need to Click!


thats how click text is working.
Select the area (as close as possible) and configure as mentioned above the clicktext

Hi @Maria99

Try to use css selector approach so as to select the desired row

If u can show the html structure of it

I can help u in building the selector which would help u to select the desired row


Let us retake the case. As we do not know what was already done on your end, we will describe the entire procedure.


  • Click on: 3G_NoUsage_FMC
  • Element / Application: unclear if row / cell is exposed by a selector:


  • open standalone UiExplorer (Design Tab → UiExplorer)
  • indicate cell / row
    • check if it is offered / highlighted or not
    • check also for other Ui Automation Frameworks by clicking on F4 before indicating and changing used Framework

So if cell / row is exposed by a selector use following approach for generating a seletor with dynnamic parts:

if not offering the cell / row:

  • try click text acitivity

dynamic text we create as below:

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