Click-Text resulting in Text not Found error

I’m finding that a sequence that I had created a few weeks ago is erroring on all click-text activities. It had been working well since that time. I have tried using click-text with a constant in double quotes as well as the variable that I have used to this point. I’ve setup element-exists activities to see if they may “see” the text in question as well and… they do not. The selector reference is very straight forward. The selector editor always validates.

Can someone let me know if they have seen this with recent browser updates? It is not working for me in Chrome nor Edge. If the site that I was using was supported using IE, I would try to transition to that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


In many case, we can use just Click activity instead of ClickText, to use aaname attribute etc. So, can you share your situation in details?
Or, from the image, it seems 1ms at Timeout property is too short, I think.