"Click Text" Error, "Window Messages" is not supported for this element


I am using “Click Text” activity to click on a DIV whenever the text is not in sight it will not click on it and give me an error that says:


I am using click text because find text is extremely slow. I have to use a list on excel to search for order numbers and click on said orders.

It works fine until something goes out of sight then it will give this error. I am using chrome and have the extension enabled. I am using Window Messages as this is the only option allowed for click text. Any idea on how to fix this issue? Thank you!

Hi Katie
Go to UI Explorer and check if this element (indicated by selector) have some children (in visual tree). If so try to click on one of them. ‘SimulateClick’ and ‘SendWindowsMessage’ does not works with your element but maybe works with one of the children.

Hi Thank you for your help! I tried what you suggested unfortunately every time it’s out of vision it gives me the same error.

Katie this error should not appear if you have ‘SimulateClick’ property on click activity. Check if you can use this property on this element or one of the children.


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Did you try to click that element with the modern activities?


I am using SendWindowMessages with “Click Text”,

It was able to successfully find one of the order when I narrowed down to one of the children but it will not match for the rest. IF I use the other element it will not select them unless it’s within vision. I’m not sure how to approach the issue :sob:

What would you suggest? I tried other methods but it was either too slow, or would not match the text to click.

can you provide an example of what you need to perform?

I am using an excel sheet to match these orders. I simply need to click on the number to add notes.

did you try using the normal click activity, and replacing the aaname attribute by your string variable?
i mean to make a dynamic selector?


1 - Are you using the classic or modern click?

2 - This page has a lot of requests or when you scroll down the page more requests are loaded?

3 - Can you inspect that code on your chrome and give us the html code for your #2647844351, please? Maybe you can use javascript to perform these clicks

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I just learned what that is for and it worked out perfectly! Thank you so much!


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