Click text doesn't work

Hello y’all,

I’m trying to implement click text in my sequence but it does not work.

I’m trying to create a process with that I am able to get the number of inhabitants.

“Tielehemme” is just an example of a community.

My problem is that I only want to get the figures of the communities that are from Germany. So I tried click text with “Germany” but it still doesn’t work.

Please find the link of the xaml in Google Drive.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hy @pm248, welcome to the UiPath Community.

Could you share your entire project folder here? I tried to understand your workflow and found it difficult because there are no images.

Could you also explain what you are trying to do with it?

Thank you



this is the link to the latest version. Openrouteservice - Google Drive

The latest Flowchart is called “Flowchart”.

I’m working for a retail company and I want to identify the number of people living in a circle that is accessible within 15 minutes. I only want to choose German communites because my company only operates in Germany. Sometimes I had issues with the name of the community because there were some cities or villages in the US that had the same name. So I tried to work with click text but I didn’t work.

If you have further questions to my project, please feel free to ask me.

Many thanks in advance for your help.



Hi @pm248,

Can you please provide information where you want click in below image.

As per my understanding i you need 15 mins range population in above table?
if yes Please find the solution.Let me know if you have any issues. (27.6 KB)

Omkar P