Click Text Activity "Unable to look for strings with spaces"

I am trying to use the click text activity to look for a string with spaces and click on it. But for some reason it is not able to find strings with spaces in it. How to solve this. Any Ideas?


I believe that you try before with the click activity and it did not work and also you have try to see if it works to do that click using a shortcut or a hotkey directly. If you try all of this and is still not working, then please to click relative to other element, relative to other text (maybe with only one word) and the last option to be to click text with OCR (play with the scale here). And if this solution is not working,then try with click image.



Just to confirm click text activity does not work when the string has spaces in it right?
I am trying to click on an hyperlink in Salesforce to go to the corresponding account page. But click activity does not seem to work. What I do is use get text to get the name, split it to get the first name and then use give this split text to click text activity.
But I am facing issues when the split text has non alphabets in it?
Is there any other way?

I don’t want to use shortcuts or click relative because the portal changes from time to time and I need it to be dynamic.

hi @Raviteja94
Have you tried using Get Attribute based on aaname or title and you can perform the operations as needed

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2

I don’t have any problem retrieving the text. The problem is that I am not able to click on it since the normal click activity doesn’t work.

hi @Raviteja94
Can you send me the selector for retrieving and click

Ashwin S

@Raviteja94 what error are you getting? And what’s your Studio version?

hi @ovi

I am using Uipath Stdio Community Edition 2018.1.3.
The error I am getting is “TextNotFoundException”.

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“html title=‘Opportunity:"+orderNumber+"’ /><webctrl tag=‘DIV’ rowName=‘Primary Field Sales Territory’ /”

The above selector I use in Get Text Activity and Click Text activity. The Output of Get Text will be the input for Click Text.(But Only the first word)

Hi @Raviteja94
The selector is fine a suggestion use this selector for element exists
If returns true means double click

Ashwin s


Double Click Activity works. I am using it directly now without the element exists. But why was click text not working?

Hi @AshwinS2

Is the click.activities package updated?



Yes the package is updated. Does it work for you? If it does can you share the code of something simple like Google Search or something. Thanks.

The ClickText activity doesn’t work even if you try to click a text containing non-alphanumeric characters, e.g. 12:00am. This was confirmed a bug by UiPath support few months ago but not yet fixed :frowning:


Hi, you got any solution for this, am also facing same issue: say for example I have text “String with spaces” I need give either string or with or spaces only in Click ocr text activity if I give “String with spaces” it returned text not found or time out exceeded like that,

any solution guyz… awaiting for reply…

Thank you,

No solutions for this bug yet?