Click Text activity the first two -digit number

Hello all,

I have been running a click text activity with a direct value, but this is different. How can I make the bot click on the range of the first contiguous characters.

So far it has clicked on “01” and in the future it should click on the range with the first two-digit number, as the number can be from 01-10


Use Regular expression in your selector to achieve it. Have a look below thread for more information.


In your selector check for the attribute that holds the text value you are looking for

In that attribute replace it with this expression
Say for example aaname is holding that value then in aaname attribute mention like this with a attribute called matching

aaname = ‘.*[0-9]+’ matching:aaname=‘Regex’

Cheers @NHoe

Hello, thank you for your example. So far I have only determined the click text activity and not the properties before. Is it possible to enter the RegEx directly into the Text field without reading the content first?


Well I would suggest to use a simple click activity with which indicate on the text first
Then open the selector editor if that click activity and include the above mentioned attribute part

Cheers @NHoe

I have installed this, but I receive an error message.

Pls retype the value one more time

The direction of single quote looks different

Pls refer this doc for more ideas

Cheers @NHoe

I have tried again but the error remains. Basically it’s a Delphi grid with text in it and the selectors don’t have any text or aaname properties, is that the reason