Click text activity is not working properly


I have to click on Inbox on the above screen, so I used Click Text activity but 5/10 times that activity is not working.

How to solve this problem?


Check the selector is changing dynamically, then you have to make that dynamic to work

Hope this helps


Please check the selector for that element, and make it dynamic if possible. Otherwise, if there is an option to use Hotkeys to open inbox, please try that!

The selector is dynamic, and i don’t have any option to send Hotkeys.

If the selector is dynamic, just identify the dynamic part and replace it with “*”. It will work!

Even selector is dynamic, but again getting an error “Text was not found at Source”.

@sambulkar Can you please share the selector and the value which you want to click dynamically?


This is Selector: "wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘SAP_FRONTEND_SESSION’ />
<sap id=‘usr/cntlSINWP_CONTAINER/shellcont/shell/shellcont[0]/shell’ / "

@sambulkar In Click Text Activity what text you are giving as Input

“I am providing ‘Inbox’ as a Input”

@sambulkar Have you tried with Click activity instead of Click Text with the same selector?


Click activity is not working.