Click Tabs in SAP /cockpit/1

Hi @StefanSchnell,

Yes, I already talked to @LevKushnir and we will document this.
Regarding the extra '?'s you added, they are not needed as that is another container/control. To be more clear, the replacement of '/'s to '?'s is only needed in the leaf id of the container control that requires wildcards.
subSUB_HDR:/COCKPIT/SAPLDISPLAY46:04051 would need this replacement only if you needed to use wildcards within it (for example: subSUB_HDR:?COCKPIT?SAPLDISPLAY??:*)

This is a picture (hopefully) explaining it better:

If you need to use wildcards inbetween hierarchy separators, then all (and only) the slashes between those separators/slashes need to be replaced by ‘?’.
The element will be found no problems with the extra ‘?’ you added (in subSUB_HDR:/COCKPIT/SAPLDISPLAY46:04051), but those are not needed and might potentially make the search slower (as we have to look through all the children at that hierarchy level for matches).