Click sub menu item in windows desktop application


May I know how can i select menu item from top menu bar with below levels from windows desktop .net application.

I want to select GRN Enquiry which is 4th level menu item.
Purchase → Processing → Goods Receiving → GRN Enquiry.


Hi @yee68

You can use HOVER activity to achieve this

hi @yee68 ,

Please use Hover activity as said by @rikulsilva , But use inside, Use Application/Browser activity ,
while indicating the target on the screen click on F2 to pause the activity and navigate to the required menu item GRN Enquiry select it and it will be Identified.

Hope this will solve your issue.
Happy Learning!!!

Thank for the reply. I manage to HOVER to GRN Enquiry. When I debug. I receive error message. Is there any setting I need to set in properties.

Hi @yee68

Before Hover activity add a Click Activity indicating the Purchase Menu to bring the options for Hover Activity


After I set window resize to “maximize” in Use Application activity. I receive “Can not find UI element”


Try to reindicate the element and try again

You can also try using Verify Execution property to verify that click has been performed before proceeding ahead.

Thank for all replies. After I click purchase menu and still hover can not find “GRN Enquiry” element.
I tried with App/Web recorder which record clicking of each menu level and show required window.

Purchase → Processing → Goods Receiving → GRN Enquiry

May I know it is correct way ?

I am quite new to UiPath and just started to try out.

Did you tried a F2 function (pause) and Navigate to the required GRN Enquiry menu. you can increase the pause timings to 7 sec if its taking more timing to indicate

for each menu item add click activities as like below

Does it support keyboard commands, like you could press P, G, G to open the GRN Enquiry item?

If so, just use the Keyboard Shortcuts activity. Much simpler than UI automation (ie click, hover, etc).

Instead of messing around with hover activities, just click.
So place a sequence of clicks for each menu → submenu item.

So “Purchase → Processing → Goods Receiving → GRN Enquiry” would be 4 clicks, where a delayafter-value of at least 0.5 - 1 sec creates a more stable solution. (Quality over quantity!)

Recording the sub selectors should be done as mentioned above: pause the selection using F2 to create the proper precondition to record each selector for each individual click.

And, since it is a desktop client, I’d advise using hardware clicks for best compatibility.

Side note: as Paul mentioned, keyboard shortcuts can be a blessing too if the clicks become unstable. If you go that way, do make sure the result of the keystrokes is validated properly. Typing P G G will always succeed regardless of the end result.