Click SharePoint List item based on Text match

Hi ,

I have the below requirement.

I have to click for a specific date suppose 4/23/2021 which would be dynamically determined based on the current date. Eg today is 23rd so Bot would click on 4/23/2021 and expand the created columns.
Next i need to extract some specific fields from the view.

Now my issue i am not able to click on the created based on the particular date.
Any ideas how this can be done…

To achieve full optimal workflow you should avoid using a click in SharePoint. Use SharePoint activities that are based on API.

Can you confirm how to use the SharePoint activities.I am new to this so can you pls explain in details how to achieve this.

Can anybndoy help me on how to click on the sharepoint list item links.

anyone facing the same issue or has any solutions.