Click relative in the grid dynamically(Web application)

I have to click relative link dynamically.

Employee name is dynamic. What ever the name i give in the list it should go and click the link on left side.

Attached snapshot.

These grid will have table information. Based on column number you can get the required data.
if you know specifically you have to click on Employee name column then create a loop to read each cell by increment column number and get value. Put a if condition and verify value of the column data.
If it matches then exit the loop and click the hyper link for respective link name.

Hope my inputs are useful.

Thanks. I dont know in which row the name will be. Rows count will be more than 100 usually.

Your selector would give you right column information for respective data value.
please use UiExplorer tool to identify right selector value for required data.

Can you please send me xaml file please

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if you change tableRow=‘IntegerFromDoWhileLoop’ then you can get data as follows:

Hope my inputs are useful

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here’s an example:
Main.xaml (6.8 KB)

Takes a name(case sensitive as typed in the Employee Name column, first or last name is enough) and gets the row index attribute from that and then clicks the corresponding row’s checkbox.


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