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I came across a very odd bug. I have a requirement where an item needs to be picked in a select/combo box.: see the highlighted item below. After the selection, other elements are populated in other menu’s. When I click any of the values in the dropdown, it works, but for some reason on 3 items the click is performed on “Pers nr :” field instead of in the dropdown. It seems there is a conflicting overlay or something going on…
I have tried workig with “select item” but this option does not work.

How to avoid this and how to fix this problem?
Other option I think of is to perform the click on the left of the item using cursor position (e.g. OffSet X: -300, but no results) but how to do this?

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Hi @krisvandenbergh,

I always prefer to use Send HotKey instead of Click Activity in drop down box (Esspecially in legacy system).

Click the Dropdown, then based on the Value position put Send HotKey (Down) in while loop then Use Send HotKey (Enter)

For Instance, If it is in 4 th position, Use while loop counter to loop 3 times with Send HotKey (Down) then Send HotKey (Enter) .

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Ranjith Udayakumar


Thanks a lot! This solved my problem.

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