Click or Type Into an Element that is selected only by the OffsetX + OffsetY Value

Hello all,

I want to create a Click activity and set the position of the field to be clicked based only on the OffsetX and OffsetY position. In the previous UiPath version this was possible, now I always get the error message “no targeting method is selected”. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? I get my data directly from a recorder, and I don’t want to specify the element with selectors, but only with the cursor position and offsetX and offsetY.

Thanks a lot!

The error message is pretty clear. You have to select at least one targeting method.

Even if you’re using offsets to do the click, you still have to designate a UI element that it uses as the reference point for the offsets. That UI element will be your selector. If you’re doing it by image, then the targeting method would be image and you have to press F3 when designating the selector.

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Hi thanks for your answer! Yes i tried with different targeting methods but it didn’t work. The problem is that I want to generate an executable xaml file without using Uipath first and setting a selector… . I take the click positions directly from external recorder data. In the previous UiPath version this still worked…

I don’t think recorder is intended to generate finished automations. You still need to tweak them to get them production ready. Recorder is just to give your developer a starting point for building the automation, to record the steps the end user is performing.

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Thank you, i totally agree with you. We got this as a task in the university, to let the recorder data flow directly into a middleware and this middleware should in turn create a runnable xaml for UiPath…