Click on WebPage specific row.item from DT

Hi All,

I have a webpage with specific area where there is a list of Position Title
My step to execute is to delete the specific Position Title clicking on the X icon
I can scrape those area and store in a DT, then I can check if the row.item(1) = myPositionTitle and then I want to click on row.item(0) but I do not know how.
Or maybe there is another solution?
Can you advise (2.8 KB)

Hi :wink:

I found a solution
Click OCR text and it works!

Or not at all ;/
If the list contains the Position Title I want to delete it will click always at first X
And this is not what I want…

row(0).toString its what you need to your first row in your first column not row.item(1)

I set up a counter in Occurrence instead of having there a set number like 1 or 2 and now it’s work!