Click on the search button depended on the particular ui

Hi All,

i had an issue that i cant able to click the search button which is right side on the web page and i need to click the search button dependent on the same row of WI5 type.FYR Reference please find the snapshot below.

Raja Sekar

Hi Raja,

do you mean you need to click on the search icon on the left of a particular row? Notice that the WI5 Type exists on multiple rows, so keep that in mind, you may have to loop.
In order to click the search button for a row containing the ‘Type’ WI5 in your example above, use the ‘Click Text’ activity. When the OCR interface comes up, put “WI5” into the Search Text Field. Then choose ‘Set Mouse Position’ and when the text is identified, click on the search icon.
Result: UiPath will scan the page for the text WI5, and then it will click to the Left of that text on the icon you selected.

Thanks buddy will try and get you back.

Still i am facing the errors.

Hi @Raja.Sekar3,

Robot might be having the WIID in a variable(ex: strWIID).

You can open it by using the url “ACME System 1 - Log In”+strWIID.


Am facing the same issue. I got stuck with how to proceed further to click on search for every type of W15.