Click on the same name occurs different times in different page

Hello ,

My task is to click on the “PMU” (Yellow Marked) . But this “PMU” part is not constant. For one state “PMU” exists for once and for other it’s occurred for several times.

I am sharing two images.


Can you please guide me how to do it??

Thanks & Regards,
Nirmalya Sarkar

Hi Nirmalya,

On the 2nd screen, do you want to click on everything with PMU?

@seanrockvz13 ,

Yes, my task is click on every “PMU” .

Thanks & Regards,
Nirmalya Sarkar

@seanrockvz13 , you can extract the text of all the fields and use a if condition to check whether text contains “PMU” then click that filed by passing the “aaname” or “innertext” value dynamically.