Click on the last selector if there is more than one occurance

is anyone have a solution to use the click activity on the last item of a list when there is multiple occurance of this item in the list ?

There is no way to distinguish it properly, so the RPA always select the first one …

I can’t share pictures or worflows sorry.

Hello @hubert_leleu

Is it a dropdown list? If yes, can you inspect on the any item in the list and share the selector here.

If there is any attribute like idx=2 or rownum=2, we can do that.

no it’s not a dropdown, it’s my company’s employee tree.
there is some teams with people inside, some people alone …
it’s not very well done to be honest, it’s an old website.

the selector looks like that :

<html app='firefox.exe' htmlwindowsname='Private' title='Private title' />
<webctrl id='principal' tag='FRAME' />
<webctrl aaname='{{My_Variable_Dynamic}}' omit:parentid='23312' tag='A' />

I finaly found a solution but it’s only usable on my crapy website and not very usefull for other people if they are searching for a similar solution

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