Click on the delete link by the given condition

I am having the details like below. Below highlighted part is date. So, If that date is 10 days earlier than current date then need to click on delete link. We need to loop through all dates.

Which is the best approach to do this.

Hi Naresh ,

Can u elaborate your process more?
Are you able to get the date value?
Also whether you r able to find the number of total records or not?

hi @naresh77

scrape the data using data scarping and loop through it and if you condition satisfied click on the delete.

delete link will have a different property for each value find that property pass it as a selector to click.

it seems a possible solution …give a try


–use get text activity and store the value in a variable of type string named out_date
–then use a if conditin like this
Datetime.ParseExact(out_date,“yyyyMMdd”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) < Now.AddDays(-10)
–if the above condition satisfies use a click activity in the THEN part

Cheers @naresh77

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use while in which add counter for say 10 as u want for 10 days(Default value: a=10) and add condition as a<0
then in for each assign“yyyyMMdd”)
then use anchor activity in which at left side use find element activity which will be ur date as highlighted (according to that change selectors use that above variable) and at ryt side use click on delete .
after that decreament counter by using a=a-1

Hi @max_maharana

First I need to get total records and then with in for loop for each item, I need to get date(highlighted in Pic ) into variable. If that date is 10 days earlier than current date, then need to click on Delete.

Hi Naresh,

Above given @Palaniyappan steps are good enough for your scenario if your selector is static.In case of dynamic selector you need to go through all the records one by one with accurate UI interaction. Are you able to loop through all the records?

Hi @naresh77,

I agree with @max_maharana. @Palaniyappan’s steps should suffice your needs. The only question being around the dynamic/static selectors. If can you work the logic of the dynamic selectors, that solution will still hold.
However, if it is truly dynamic it may be a little difficult to go about the clicks.

How do you see the loop working for all the records?


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