Click On Symbol

Hi All,

I have to click on "A"symbol but at the same position some time "B"symbol is available . so when "B"symbol is available I don’t have to click . I try image exist and click activity but both symbol have same selector . so, it click for both. but I want it only click when “A” SYMBOL IS AVAILABLE.

please ,help me resolve this issue.

Meenakshi Sharma

Hello @Meenakshi6246 Welcome to the Community!

can you share the screenshot of both the conditions
cheers @Meenakshi6246

What is a symbol? is it an image? it is kind of impossible for 2 different things to have the same selector, you can use uiexplorer to further inspect both to see what can be done to differentiate them.


oh i see now, maybe use click image and use TRUE on ContinueOnError Property and use a lower Timeout.

Hi @Meenakshi6246

Below are the Options to try.

  1. Click Image
  2. Look for shortcuts of the Button and use send hotkey to pass the shortcuts.
  3. Use 2 instances of uiExplorer and Click on the items , analyse the difference by adding or removing attributes - This will give you selectors.


best way is using “click image” activity, try with that

NOT working… valid for both symbol.


Have you tried click Image activity? Did that work out for you? Make sure to specify only the image potion of the button for the image indication