Click on specific table row element (UI explorer)

I need to click on a specific row in table(HTML).

Currently it looks like this:
The problem that started to occur is that I can get a “userInfoDate” that is the same in another column cell. The two variables in the picture stand in the cells between each other.
So currently I have solved the problem by removing the * and adding a “space” like this:

But I wonder if I can do it in another way?
It could be that there sometimes is no “space” between the two cells and then I would need an If activity that handles that too.

Is there a way to add the * after {{userInfoDate}} but to ignore if a cell contains the variable value in the cells after?

Hope you understand what I mean otherwise I can try to explain it again.

TLDR; is there something I can put between image
the two variables that handles spaces and no spaces but that is not a “*”

you can check the option of regex selectors:

maybe you can show us some more details (redacted samples/ screenshots from the datarow and the two columns. So can check better on other options. Thanks