Click on Specific name, fetching from Queue

I am using RE and have 600 Employee name’s in Queue. I want to Click on Each name.
I am getting the Employee name and selector is working fine but the issue is, ‘Emp256’(name of employee) coming 1st from Queue and on the Web Page the Single Page has first 20 records and rest are on ‘Next Page’.

How can I navigate through each page to search for that ‘Emp256’ and select that.

Any Idea or different logic would be appreciated

What happens when you click the name? Does it take you to another web page? If so, what is the URL? There might be a way to generate the URL dynamically and instead of actually clicking on the name, just browse to the dynamically generated URL for each queue item.

For example, if the URL is something like then you could dynamically generate the URL:

Assign myURL = “” + transactionItem.SpecificContent(“Employee Name”).ToString

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As another possible option, does the web page have search functionality? If so, you could perform a search for the employee name so it is the only one shown on the page, then click it.


Hey @postwick

Good one ! @Gagan_Chaudhari you can try those.


Hello @Gagan_Chaudhari

If search is not there then what you can do is, Extract the Tables from the Webpage and write it to an excel. Instead of indicating the Next button in the TableExtraction, you can do the TableExtraction using a While Loop , with condition i<pagenumber and increment i. Append the Page Number Also while Extracting the Data and write to excel.

The get the values from Queue and filter in the Excel which you created. From there you will get the page number. Use click activity to click on that page number. Then use the values from queue to click on the Element which you want(use dynamci selector)

@Gagan_Chaudhari Is there any search field to search for a specific employee

Hey @postwick ,
Thanks for the response!

I tried to check for the URL but unfortunately there is no unique pattern (For example, /e9dboc6urco9ct8v59rggh4e2e;source=list-detail).

I can give a try to this !

Hey @ushu
Thanks for the response.
Yes, there is a field for search.

@Gagan_Chaudhari Then this might make your process easier. Just get the data from the queue Emp256 and search for that employee in the search field. Now the resulted data appears in the first row (I guess) then select it

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