Click on specific button on next every page

I am facing a Problem in creating loop click on a website for data scrapping.As there a “EXPAND”

That needs to click on everypage for viewing more data.But which i created that click works only one first page not next pages.Can any one help Please?

Check for the proper selectors like class, parenclass, parentid, tag,aaname, in Ui-Explorer of click activity, if it doesn’t work check with the click image activity.

Thanks for your reply.As i am new I want to share some screenshot of my Flowchart.N1 N2 N3 this work only first page but when goes next page it not click on expand button .Hope you clear?

When it clicks next page , after that again you have to put this expand all click activity, so that it can expand again.

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did you mean after 'DATA SCRAPING SECTION" ?

After scraping the first page it should go to next page right, after it clicks next page then it should click expand right.
Then it should be after the click next page.

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Yes,i get it but can you please help me how to add this sector to after click next page it will click expand all and start scrapping?

Before that, I wanted to ask you whether your flow is in a loop?

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no i did not create any loop.Its just normal open web>click spand> data scrapingSS

Then how it can click on the expand all, if it is not in the loop. :face_with_monocle: @Rocky1

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Yes, your right! but i did not find any loop section.Is it be in sequence?