Click on special dropdown list (embedded?)


I’m a noob. I’m in my first steps with UiPath and wanted to click on a dropdown in a web application.

But this dropdown is inside an embedded element (?). The code that shows me is the following:

== $0

Normal clicking doesn’t work. Any ideas?


Hi @Niko_Artola
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Use select item activity and see whether you are able to do the selection from dropdown menu

Thanks for your answer
But doesn’t work. The code does not show the available options because it is an embedded code

Hi @Niko_Artola

Is clicking on the drop down activating it?

May I know manually how are you accessing it?

If clicking on it works then try first clicking on it and then use a loop and inside use try catch with click text and in the catch block use a scroll activity to acroll the menu and the loop repeats till the required item is selected



Use modern activities as I shown below it will help you because in that including anchor & fuzzy selector will appear