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i want to click dynamic batch id
like if batch id 123453 then i want to click 123453 row action column …

if batch id 123510 i want to click 123510 row action column …

please suggest me

If you know the batch id, then dynamic selectors can be used to click on the required values

i know batch id but every time it will change here batch id and action column is different
i am trying but i am not able to find where i can give batch id in click activity

Check what are the selectors you will get, when you click on the one batch id.
If possible send the screenshots.

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Pass the value of the batch id using a variable in the selector that you are using in the click activity.
You need to replace the attribute in the selector which contains the batchId value with this variable.

For complete details on dynamic selectors you can check the below links :slight_smile:

If you still face any issues, please share the selectors that you are using.

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Check if you get “123510” batch id numbers in selector??

batch id is not getting in selectors

From above UiExplorer image , Make selector dynamic by selecting table row and table column ,First use get text element to identified Batch_id ,if Batch_id matched then click on it and also increase table row by using counter/increment .

As an alternative, just check the redirected URL when you manually click on batch Id.

For eg: … etc

If you can get a pattern in the URL, you can use the Navigate To activity to navigate to the required page.

Thanks @manishjagtap
Its working fine

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