Click on row based on value in another row

Hi All,

I am using a form where i will be giving a billingdate and then BOT goes to the application and checks if billing date is present in column1 or not.If it is present then it has to click on the link adjacent to the billing date present in the row.

Suppose billingdate passed via form is “07/26/2019” then BOT will click on the link present in adjacent row of DATE column “07/26/2019” i.e. BOT needs to click on BA STATEMENT DUE 08/23/2019

Please help.

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Hello @Zara

I can give you few steps to do this…

So, as the starting point, use the form that you are using to input the billing date for the process.

Now, have another workflow that logs in to the application
Next workflow, will navigate from the lading page to the page where you need to extract data from.
The next part is, include a data scraping activity that will scrape the data from the table you have in the application. This data scraping will give you a datatable variable… This also has the capability of extracting URL’s from links so that it can be used later

What you can do now is, you can use a filter datatable activity to filter the data for the date you entered in the initiation part.

Now, check for the row count to make sure you have the record you filtered for…
This can be done using DT.rows.Count check to check the number of rows.

If you have more than 0 rows, now, use the Navigate To activity to navigate to the link

hope it helps

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando
saved Billingdate from form in variable “Billingdate”
after data scraping i have used for each row in DT1
assign dateResult=row(0).ToString
if Billingdate=dateResult
then click

but issue i am facing is BOT is checking only first row and going to else part.

if i am sending date as 06/25/2019 then it is present in the table and BOT should click on BA statement row link adjacent to it.but BOT is not finding it and moving in else

I think even a simple anchor base activity that looks for the cell with that date text and a click to the cell link to the right should work.

thanks bcorrea,

i tried with that…but it didn’t fulfill the requirement.