Click on Pop up not working

I am running macro via Invoke VBA inside excel app scope. As soon as the Macro run is completed macro is giving “Success” pop up. Bot has to click on “OK” for that pop up. But Whenever I am try to click activity/ Image activity or any Interactive activity its not clicking on that “OK” pop up. Please help ASAP.

Hello @akshay5

Are you able to inspect the element? If yes, you need to add that pop-up in the application scope.

Also, you can try with hotkeys, (Enter key)


Hi @akshay5

In click activity which input method that your using? Have you tried by changing to different input method? like Send windows message or simulate etc
Mark the Wait for Ready property =complete
Also you can try to indicate the anchor for the click activity

Do let me know if that works


Hi Rahul,

Yes I am able to Inspect the element , but while running the BOT it was not taking that click activity into Action. However One Solution I found for this, I Simply coded click activity with my desired macro activity in PARALELL Activity, It worked totally fine.


Hi Teen,

Yes I did, Both nothing works for me. Yesterday Only I got the solution for this issue, I posted in this conversation chain. Thanks for your response.

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