Click on particular word without recording


Please help me…

I want to click on Contact Us from website automatic without recording process. is it possible in uipath to do that i can click in particular link any how… for ex.

suppose i have a website
and i want to search Contact us and click on this without recording process
please help how can i do that



We can use click activity with aaname=‘Contact us’ in selectors.

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just use open browser activity and paste your link there and then use click activity to do this


thanks mr arun i have tried with this but i got not sucess


Can you please share the selectors code snippet you are using.?


it is not nossible becouse if we use click activity then we have to capture “,Contact Us” from the website the it will be success but here is requirement withour recording process becouse i want to collect multiple contact from multiple website the i have to use click activity iterate for all website but i want to simply search contact us and click on that …thatsIt


Hi @bitubawankar,

use open browser activity
inside use click activity
<webctrl aaname='Contact Us' parentid='yp-footer' tag='A' />



have i to record Contact Us or i have to leave that


its giving exception like


i updated pls check and do the same

Click activity selector
"<webctrl aaname='Contact Us' parentid='yp-footer' tag='A' />"


yeah it i working fine with screenshort but without its not