Click on onbeforeunload popup not working in chrome

Hi All, I am facing issue with onbeforeunload window event popup in chrome. I have installed chrome extension. I am unable to attached file here so please find step below and please provide solution…

  1. Create Open Browser activity with url: “w3schoolsdotcom/jsref/tryit.asp?filename=tryjsref_onbeforeunload”

  2. Create Click Event with selector: <webctrl aaname='Click here to go to' tag='A' />

  3. Create Click Event with selector: <ctrl name='Leave site?' role='dialog' /><ctrl name='Leave' role='push button' />

My problem is the second Click is not working…

Please find my project file:

can you detail what you are clicking in the clicks?

Im on this page which click are you doing?
Your selector dosent have these details

Click on “Click here to go to w3schools com” hyperlink.
It will open a popup.
Now I have to click on “Leave” button.

Dear Nadim Warsi,
I have updated Question Please check.
I have also shared link for my xaml which is not working.

yup i got when i tried it and saw the JS popup

So in this case pull the 2nd click outside the browser and use the full selector for the Leave Page

I have changed as suggested. But still not working…

Also when I try to select “Leave” button using UIExplorer my screen got hanged. I think its problem with chrome plugin, maybe.

Yea, chrome may be.
Im doing in IE and it working fineSequence1.xaml (7.7 KB)

I’m facing a similar problem … My Uipath community edition was updated, and now I want to do a click button in Chrome and it is not working now but was working in the older version.

I tried to find the button with UI Explorer and is unable to find the button. I think that chrome extension is the problem. Also I re-installed chrome extension and nothing … :confused:

Any idea? solution?