Click on mouse Position Ideea


Hi , i want to give a disclaimer first . I have not found this in the current iterration of UIpath and have not seen it mentioned ,i might be wrong about it and just not found this posted or existing in which case you can dismiss it .

This ideea is about having an activity that will click/double click on the current position of the mouse.

This is something i have been searching for when automating in SAP and CRM , where the selectors are horrible and due to machine changing resolutions off-setting a mouse click based on an image or buttons with selectors would not work.

Il list 2 examples that we have found while automating in environments :

  1. In SAP we had to go through a list of checkboxes to select the lines that we wanted in a table. That specific region of SAP did not have selectors and the only way you could tick a checkbox would be by double clicking(no space,x etc )
    We have always managed to fiind a way to be with the mouse on top of the checkbox but there was no way we could check the box because we could not send a click.

  2. In CRM we had to automate Complaints and had to click on a certain link based on the complaint. Due to how CRM works when we would reach the complain number in order to have a selector the link option dissapears ,when we move to a new location with the tab in the same line to make the number be a link again we lose the selectors for the number , so it’s pretty much impossible to click the link because when we we’re on top of it to have selectors appear the number would not be link-clickable.
    We have found ways of having our cursor over the link number always but could not click.

Please retain that using an click image or click with off set is not a feasible solution in those 2 cases because of resolution changing. I did not fiind a solution to any of those cases yet that’s not regarding those 2.

This ideea would be under Custom Activity.