Click on matching text

First time user so I apologize in advance if this has been answered elsewhere.
I did try searching for a problem before posting.

I am automating data entry into a Pardot, a web-based marketing platform.
There is one part of my workflow that I can’t figure out how to do dynamically.

Here’s the scenario:
To enter a Campaign name, you have to first click on a button to open a popup window.
No problem.
You have to type in some search text.
No problem.
What is presented back to the user is a list of Campaigns but not in list form.
Each campaign present on the screen is contained within an html DIV statement (with multiple sub-DIV’s) that you can click to highlight/select and then click again to deselect.
The matching campaign text is about 4 levels down in the DIV’s.

Trying to use the “Click” function fails because it seems to rely on an image.
The plan is to use this to click different campaigns based on the spreadsheet so the image will always be different.

Ultimately, what I need is “Click this Text” based on a field in my import spreadsheet matching text on the screen but I can’t see anything like that.

And help is very much appreciated!!

Hello :smiley: ,
If you want to click dynamically from an excel:

  1. Extract the data from the excel.
  2. Then pass the value of the text that you want to click into a variable (myVariable)
    3)Use “Click” activity and set (myVariable) into the selector value that you want to click.
    To do this you have to change the selector expression from the property tab .
    This is an example: