Click on ID as shown in attach image

Hi All,

I need to click on each Account ID shown in below image and perform some action. There is almost 40 (not Fixed) Account id is there for that i need to use Scroll down also. It’s in Citrix.
Could any one please suggest the solution.



Hi @keshav Build dynamic selector for to click (like in sellector section if you have any property that contains account id then you can build dynamic selector and then you can use it )

Hi Kalyan,

Could you please describe … how to build dynamic selector please.


@keshav, Please take selector for entire table (or table frame).

This will be generic selector with fixed frame elements. Make sure you check these selector couple of times and it should not change. Pass that selector into getText activity.
That will return you full text value for the table. Once you get text output then pass that text output string value into Split Activity (take a common fixed value for each row as split condition).
This split activity will give an out put value.
MaxCount = UBound(SplitOutPut) --> this will give you total count of the rows.
use do while loop till this MaxCount.

Hope my inputs are useful.

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Hi @rkelchuri

Cool. looks like i can able to execute.
Thank you very much.


Hi Krishna,

It is on Citrix. so unable to select the table. Could you please tell the activity name for this which i can use and follow the steps.


Surface Automation (Citrix) has very limited options. you have to depend only on available screen scrapped data. Try to use Computer Vision activities…

also observe data format… if data format is unique then that would be your key to make string manipulations.

@rkelchuri That is what I am asking which computer vision activity i should use. I am not getting proper CV activity for taht.

There are several activities on CV.

From the package manager… if you load this
Then you can see above list… CV Get Text will work perfectly for you…’
once you get the data… use string manipulations…