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I have id=oo1123ert456 in UI this id has hyper link. by clicking on this it will take to next tab and read some data.
is der other way to go to next tab other than get attribute?

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to go to the next tab we can use SEND HOT KEY with key like ctrl + shift + tab

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by clicking on that link it will open in next tab itself. but can it read the data inisde just by giving attach browser?

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actually no, though on clicking it opens a new tab, we need to use any of the get input method to extract the data from that page like either we need to use screen scrapping or data scrapping
and attach browser enables the bot to search for elements along the activities within that browser been selected
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fine thank you. In some cases data scraping is not reading properly. it is taking some of rows to a single row
if table is
id name salary
1 abc 2000
2 def 4000

scrapped Data
id name abc def salary
1 2000
2 4000

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