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Hello RPA experts,
I’m trying click in a menu that are not visible.

This menu is displayed when you click with the right button of the mouse.
The problem is the menu dissapered when I go back to Studio.

Does anybody knows to proceed in this case?

The menu that I wanna click…

Hi @Ladimir_Abdala,

once click Indicate option then go to target element then click ‘F2’ key then you will get 5 seconds for pause selector. like below


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Hi @Ladimir_Abdala,

Kindly check below Xaml

Sequence12.xaml (7.9 KB)


Great! It seens that works, by the way an error in extension appear.


After click in the ok button:

I checked in Chrome and the extension is active:

Hi @Ladimir_Abdala,

Remove Extensions and reinstall Extensions


I recommend you just uninstall extension from UiPath Studio then Install Again It will work for you

Happy Automation

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After many times uninstall and reinstall the UiPath extension, the error still appear.

I marked this topic as solution with the tip to use “F2”, it’s ok.
But the error always return saying that the extension is not enable.

Any suggestions behyond uninstall and reinstall the extension?
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