Click on dynamic text //ZJB-CREDIT


I want to click on //ZJB-CREDIT text on the SAP screen.
but the problem is position of //ZJB-CREDIT is not constant.


can you post the selector for the element here?

As a first idea:
Include the AA name in the selector.

this is the selector I am using:

wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Layout: Choose’ idx=‘’ />
sap id='usr/lbl[1,
’ idx=‘4’ /


Please open in UiExplorer

I am trying to add aaname here, but that is not working.
Could you please help me to add aaname attribute?

The AA name attribute is (usually) an attribute of the corresponding element.

If you try again in UiExplorer to go over “Indicate Element” and click on the cell then the AA name should appear in the right part (sometimes not with chop on it). Here is some “subtlety” (so try around :wink: )at the element necessary until you have caught the right.
Sometimes it is not called AA-name but “inner-text” or “outer-text” (which is normally more true for click elements like buttons).

Here is an example: