Click on Button on each Child

Hi all,
i am trying since hours to just click on a button, that is placed in a table. It works with the first button, but not with the next buttons. I downloaded an example project, which highlights the children. That works, but unfortunately i did not manage to click the button, that exists on that child.
How can i click on the button for each child ?
Many thanks in advance

Hi ,
Is child button name is same as that of parent button ? In that case you can make use of click Tex activity where you can mention the number of ocurance in the property field . Hope it will click on the buttons next to parent . Else try setting up cursor position by giving offset value from the property pane.

Or just play around with shortcut keys to focus on the child button .(e.g. Tab , enter,right ) until you get focus on child button then makes use of send hot keys activity to achieve the same .

Hi ddpadil,
many thanks for your help. There is a possibility to identify the different buttons, but i did not find out, how to define the button via selector. The ID of the buttons is ascending.
This is what chrome shows, when analyzing the button:
I think it should be possible to use a counter to point to the buttton. But i am not really sure on how to define the selector in order to find the button and use a variable in the selector.
Your Help is very appreciated.

i now managed to define the selector with variables (search function helps).
Thank you very much.

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