Click on Button based on Variable

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First time novice poster and need experts assistance.

  1. Find variable on excel - Ok!
  2. Open Brower - Ok!
  3. How to click on button link based on the variable as shown below. The variable is “2” and the button which needs to be click is under the invoice column.

Thank You for your kind attention

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Hello @Guardsrecon

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You can first scrap the data using the data scraping wizard to a datatable.
Next, use a for each row to loop through the datatable
Inside the loop, you can use an anchor base activity, where the anchor is either the due date, or the ID (1,2,3, 4), and then use a click activity.

How you point to the right row? That’s why we have it inside the for each row activity. Using the row variable of the for each row, you can set the selector of the anchor dynamically to point to the exact row we are looking at using the aaname property…

Hope this helps.

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