Click on AddIn ribbon in Excel doesn't work

Hello everyone !

I’m facing a problem with an AddIn in Excel

The “Actualiser” buton is validated with selectors and we can click on it in a sequence where this is the only activity.

However, when it’s in the workflow, no matter what the activity is (click image etc), nothing happen. The activity stop right before it and no error is thrown.

There is no container above or other previous activities that could impact the selectors or anything else.

The others ribbons’s activities are hard to click on but with adjustments it’s possible. But for this one I’m clueless after trying every kind of click activity.

Any kind of help is welcome !

Thanks and have a great day.

may be thats because the button and screen in not ready to be clicked but the robot did a click before the and nothing happened

You can do two things

  1. Hage highlight on in debug mode and run the workflow, you’ll get the idea about when the robot is clicking on that element or not clicking at all

  2. For that click selectors, make the Wait For Ready as complete, you csn do this from property’s panel

Hello Rahul,

Thanks for answering !

In the debug mode nothing is highlighted for this activity, it’s like it doesn’t exists.
The wait for ready as complete is also on.
I tried with element exists too (he is highlighted) but then nothing once again.