Click OCR Text!

how could we use the click OCR text in the background ?
I made it in attach browser,Checked the (send windows message) , but it doesn’t work in the background.
It first, will activate the browser tab then send the click<<So,how I could make the whole process in the background !

(Almost) everything related to OCR needs to be done in the foreground (PDF reading is the only exception as far as I know), since for OCR to work it needs to be visible on screen.

But if you’re working with a browser, why do you need Click OCR Text? Is it an embedded RPD/Citrix inside of it?

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@andrzej.kniola thanks for the reply,and for why I’m using the OCR,because I can’t get a reliable selector for a specific element bit It contained some text,so I said let’s click that text.