Click OCR Text is not working

I have a requirement to click on a drop down list present in a java applet.The drop down list displays 100 currencies (in a 10X10 matrix) from where I have to chose 2 options (currencies) . As I could not spot the element using UIExplorer (therefore , selector was also blank). I preferred to chose “Click OCR Text” activity.
I was under assumption that if we pass correct “Currency Codes” , it should be able to identify the element (dynamically) and click. However , it is unable to perform click operation over the element.

Therefore , we are now proceeding with our final fallback option of choosing “Click OCR Image”.
Unfortunately , we have to capture the same for all 100 currency values which looks like very unproductive/time taking task.

Any inputs on this would be highly appreciated.

PS:I tried with Microsoft and Google OCR when choosing “Click OCR Text”

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